Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Initiates Recovery; Eyeing for $0.050

Stellar Lumens is under the bullish influence as its price improved to $0.0495 within the 8 hours. The same price level is likely to hang for the rest of the day. The daily SMAs are providing support to the current price. 

The movement of the XLM coin is also indicating that the downtrend wouldn’t be spotted soon. Intraday trading is likely to bring a considerable return to investors. 

XLM/USD Price Chart: 

Stellar (XLM) Price News

Yesterday, Stellar price spotted at $0.0476 in the first hour, and within the next 4 hours, the price escalated to $0.0487 by 1.81% hike. Then, the currency started trading downwards and touched $0.0476 over the next 8 hours. Later, the XLM coin managed to lock its price at the same level till 16:00 UTC. After that, at 18:33 UTC, the price spotted at $0.0479. The closing hours brought pullback pressure, which took Stellar price to $0.0455 by 4.44% fall. The day-long movement reflected 4.72% regression.

Today, the XLM coin started with a moderate upside momentum, and at 06:40 UTC, the price touched at $0.0462 by 2.69% hike. Later, the price improved tremendously over the next couple of hours. Stellar price moved from $0.0462 to $0.0495 by a 7.08% hike; however, in the later hours, the coin faced a slight fall, and the price dropped to $0.0485 at the time of writing. 

The short-term daily MAs, 50 and 20, are at $0.0483 and $0.0482 and are trending below the current price. The placement of MAs reflects the bearish crossover. The MACD counters are indicating bullish crossover as the MACD line is overlapping the signal line. As per the technical indicators, the price of Stellar Lumens might consolidate around a similar price level. It has already breached the immediate resistance level at $0.0480.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Loses a Huge 6.15% Overnight

Stellar price has been down by a whopping 6.15% in the last 24 hours, and its value has dropped to $0.04681 from $0.049897 in this period. The XLM coin may not get to see any quick recovery anytime soon.

Over the last two days, Stellar Lumens was trading under huge pressure. Yesterday, the currency started dealing at $0.049879, and in the initial 7 hours and 18 minutes, the price got down by 2.71% and touched $0.048527. It was followed by a 6.28% price recovery that added 0.003 USD in the value and pushed the XLM price to $0.051599 by 17:00 UTC. It was the highest point of the day. However, the coin couldn’t stay at this level for long and started trading downwards.

XLM/USD Price Chart

Stellar (XLM) Price News

By 00:29 UTC today, Stellar price got slackened by 10.53% and reached the low at $0.046163. There was a slight improvement observed in the price by 02:43 UTC. In this period, the price got boomed by 1.22%.

Stellar’s current value at $0.04681 holds support from its 20 days MA & 50 days MA. The MACD indicator shows that in the upcoming hours, the XLM coin might recover moderately as its MACD line overpowers the Signal line. And as per the current trend, the next resistance may come by $0.050.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Register 18% Hike in 7 Days

The price movement of Stellar Lumens is quite impressive over the week. The currency kept the bulls floating despite market pressure. The substantial improvement in the price has spiked hope among the traders. The coming period of the coin might bring the awaited rally.

From yesterday, the XLM coin was trading under immense bearish pressure and registered a massive decline, but today, it recovers and regain its upward momentum.

XLM/USD Price Chart:

Stellar (XLM) Price News

On April 04, Stellar coin started dealing at $0.0413 with marginal upside momentum. On the next day, the price improved to $0.0438 by 4.5% hike during the intraday trading. The price escalation remained intact on April 06, and the XLM coin reached $0.050. On April 07, the price was spotted, locking itself at the same level till 19:00 UTC. With a slight plunge at $0.0476, the currency reflected improvement, and in 1 day, the Stellar price touched $0.0512 with 7.60% growth.

From April 09 to 10, the price escalated to $0.0520. Later, the currency registered a tremendous fall and touched $0.0457, but then, the XLM coin recovered to $0.0490 by 7.23% hike in the next 13 hours. Despite the recent crash, the week-long movement is reflecting an 18% hike in the price. At the time of writing this analysis, the Stellar currency is trending near the immediate resistance level at $0.0513. The same might get violated in the upcoming hours.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Witnessed a Sluggish Month Despite Steady Recovery

The overall bearish market has cost Stellar Lumens a whopping 12.64% over the last 30 days despite the recent immense recovery. The current price roams around $0.049950. There may not be any significant turnaround of the XLM coin anytime soon. Investors may see a bullish rally in the upcoming weeks.

XLM/USD Forecast

Stellar (XLM) Price News

Stellar coin was being traded at $0.057178 on March 08, and over the next five days, it lost 47.17% value and got down to $0.030208. However, it was followed by a strong price recovery by registering 45% growth that added $0.013767 in the value and pushed the XLM price to $0.043975 by March 20. From this price point, Stellar Lumens initiated a slow and steady upside movement, and in the next 17 days, it followed massive growth, which added $0.014 in the value, and the price touched $0.051500.

However, over the last 24 hours, XLM coin lost moderate value as it faced rejection above $0.050, but then, it regains its winning momentum and currently, it trades at $0.04995 with having support from its 30 days MA ($0.049387) and 90 days MA ($0.04924). The RSI of Stellar cryptocurrency has improved to 58.42 points, and it shows the potential of the coin is bouncing back. The next resistance may follow by $0.0505 by this weekend. Investors may witness a certain degree of price fluctuations.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM/USD Registers Marginal Growth Overnight

The second quarter of the year has started, and Stellar Lumens is reflecting moderately stable movement. Yesterday, the currency started the day at $0.0408 and ended the day at $0.0413. The change in the price is reflecting that the coming period in the currency would be great.

Today, despite the sluggish beginning, the coin marked improvement in the later hours. The intraday traders can expect April for positive closing from the XLM coin.

XLM/USD Price Chart

Stellar (XLM) Price News

Yesterday, Stellar started dealing at $0.0408 at the beginning of the day, and in the next 30 mins, the price dropped to $0.0400. Later, the currency locked around the same level till 11:58 UTC, with in-between spikes to $0.0403. Later, the XLM price slipped to $0.0397 at 13:37 UTC. With a spike at $0.0400, the coin again plunged, and this time, the price touched $0.0390. However, the currency remained locked at the same level for a while, but later, the price of Stellar currency started improving at 19:00 UTC, and in the next 4 hours and 35 mins, it escalated tremendously and touched $0.0413. The intraday movement of the currency brought a moderate hike of 1% in the price.

Today, XLM started dealing at $0.0413, and in the next 1 hour and 38 mins, the price touched $0.0405, the price reflected tight hold around the same level till 06:00 UTC. Further, the improvement in the Stellar took the price to $0.0411 from $0.0404. The immediate resistance level at $0.0413 is likely to be breached by the coin in the upcoming hours.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Manages to Stay Above $0.040 Despite Recent Fall

Stellar (XLM) price ended last month with moderate movement. The past one day has seen the price of XLM under tremendous pressure though the coin has tried to maintain its price above $0.040 mark. The currency continues to fight against the bears, as was evident from the ongoing volatility since the last week.

On March 27 & 28, XLM coin marked a double-top pattern and traded around $0.042. Then, it faced a sharp decline, and the price fell to $0.039. After this, the currency exhibited a sluggish trend, and on March 30, it faced a steep fall, which took the price to $0.037. Further, Stellar Lumens has initiated a strong recovery, and the coin regained its price level above $0.040.

XLM/USD Price Chart

Stellar (XLM) Price News

Yesterday, the XLM coin price was at a high of $0.0407 at 02:01 UTC. With mounting bear pressure, the price dropped to $0.04009 at 4:52 UTC, the downward slide being at 1.71%. Then, the currency recovered over the next 4 hours, and the price touched $0.04067. However, after this moderate hike, Stellar price again fell and reached $0.0401 showing a fall of 1.19%.

From this low, the XLM coin took an upward rally and breached the next resistance $0.041 mark at 21:23 UTC. Later, the coin continued to trade moderately at this level, but today, it faced steep fall, and the price of Stellar crypto dropped below $0.040 mark at $0.039. However, at the time of writing this analysis, the coin started trading upwards and touched $0.0403.

XLM has been a coin with great momentum in the past, but continual bear pressure has wreaked havoc on its value, just like other altcoins. Still, as per the current momentum and its hold around $0.040 mark, we are hopeful that the coin will show a strong recovery in the upcoming days.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM on the Verge of Recovery; Price Touches $0.039

The movement in the market has taken the traders by surprise. The tremendous upsurge has almost recovered yesterday’s loss. The last day of the quarter is likely to push the counters to upwards.

Today, Stellar price marked a strong recovery, and it began the day at $0.0376. Within 6 hours, the coin is spotted at $0.0396. This improvement is likely to hang for a while. Intraday trading would bring positive results to the traders. We are positive that the coming days will keep the upsurge intact and bring profit for the investors. However, the investment at the momentum could turn out to be risky, and thus we would suggest the traders hold on for a while and wait for colossal improvement.

XLM/USD Price Chart

Stellar (XLM) Price News

After hitting a $0.042 price mark on March 28, Stellar Lumens started trading downwards at a tremendous pace, and today, it fell to $0.037. However, then it recovered, and currently, XLM coin price is trading around $0.039 and eyeing to breach $0.040 mark.

Yesterday, Stellar started dealing at $0.0402 with a hint of plunge. By 01:05 UTC, the coin was at $0.0395, with regression of 1.61%. The coin hanged around the same level till 07:30 UTC. Later, the price dropped, and at 08:17 UTC, it touched $0.0392 with a 1.34% loss.

After this moderate fall, at 11:00 UTC, the XLM price escalated to $0.0398 but couldn’t hold itself together and fell to $0.0392. Again, the improvement pulled the Stellar price to $0.0392 by 2%. The currency recovered again to $0.0395 but then dropped to $0.0379 by a 4% fall.

The currency again locked around the same level, and at the time of the closing, the price spotted at $0.0376. The intraday movement of the Stellar crypto reflected a 6.32% regression in the price.

Today, the currency escalated to $0.0387 by a 2.94% hike, and then, the coin was hung around the same level till 04:43 UTC. Later, the price again escalated to $0.0396 by 2.48%. The XLM coin has breached the immediate resistance level at $0.0394. The next resistance level is likely to violate in the upcoming hours. However, if the coin falls, then the immediate support level is formed at $0.0367.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Faces Rejection Above $0.042; Trades Below $0.040

The crypto market is under heavy pressure, and the bearish pressure is again creating the possibility of an even more hefty plunge that might lead to a price crash. The top trending coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. are also under the same influence and looks like it would remain the same for some time.

Stellar Lumens has also begun regressive price movement since yesterday, and towards the closing, the price dribbled heftily. Today, the XLM coin is again spotted, marking a heavy plunge. However, in the upcoming hours, the coin might be spotted growing and test its immediate resistance $0.040 mark.  

XLM/USD Price Chart

Stellar (XLM) Price News

Yesterday, Stellar currency started dealing at $0.0429, and within the next 20 mins, the price escalated to $0.0435. The following hours brought a moderate plunge that brought XLM price to $0.0425. The currency locked its price movement around the same level till 05:00 UTC, but again it was followed by another pullback pressure that took the price to $0.0418. Stellar continued to trade at the same level till 09:25 UTC, and then, with a slight plunge to $00413 at 10:07 UTC, the coin escalated to $0.0423.

Further, the XLM coin price dropped to $0.0412 at 14:05 UTC, but recovered in the next hour and touched $0.0425. The coin kept the upside momentum intact, and at 21:20 UTC, the price escalated to $0.0430. Thereafter, the Stellar coin began the downside correction. In the closing hour, the coin was spotted around $0.0425, but from this price point, the XLM price dropped heavily and reached $0.0395. The intraday movement brought 7.81% regression.

Today, Stellar began the day with a slight upsurge. The price counter touched $0.0408, but later, it dropped to $0.0390. At the time of writing, XLM coin was trading around $0.0393, and it has breached the previous support levels, $0.040608 & $0.0400. In the upcoming hours, the currency might consolidate around $0.040 mark.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Reverses Yesterday’s Price trend

Stellar price movement has always remained hasty. The improvement in the coin that embarked during yesterday’s closing hours has given hope to many traders. The same momentum is still intact, and by the end of the day, the speculations about upsurge are ripe.

Over the last two days, XLM coin managed to hover around $0.040. Yesterday, the intraday high was marked at $0.042638. However, today, the counter has already been breached. The current momentum of Stellar Lumens is indicating that the day ahead might remain marginally profitable.

XLM/USD Price Chart:

Stellar (XLM) Price News

Yesterday, XLM coin started dealing at $0.0406, and within the first 30 mins, the price escalated to $0.0409. Later, the currency marked a marginal drop to $0.0403, but in the next 3 hours, it touched $0.0409 again. Further, the price of Stellar cryptocurrency plunged to $0.0402 at 07:07 UTC by 1.83%.

The price improved in the later hours and touched $0.0407. Then, the coin started trading under strong bearish hold and kept the price intact around the same level till 20:21 UTC. Later, XLM reflected an upsurge from $0.0406 to $0.0423, but then it immediately faced a price fall. The coin plunged to $0.0419 but then took the price counter to $0.0429 and closed the day.

The intraday movement in the currency reflected by a 5.64% upsurge. Today, Stellar started trading with the uptrend. The price counter reached $0.0435 at 00:20 UTC. The coin slipped slightly to $0.0425 but recovered again to $0.0431 at 04:14 UTC. Recently, the XLM price dropped to $0.0420 by 2.58% and is now at $0.0419.

As per the current price movement, the currency might hold its ground above its immediate support at $0.0409. The chances of dropping to the immediate support level are relatively more. For now, the fluctuation in the market seems disturbing for the traders, yet the chances of the upcoming rally are not fading.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Manages to Stay Above $0.040 Despite the Downtrend

The first quarter of 2020 is in its last week, and the indications aren’t positive. The currencies of the market are entirely regressive, including the top trending coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin. The price crash started a month ago or took place during mid-February.

Stellar currency started the year with high anticipations and likewise gave good results. In almost 45 days, the coin was able to breach the 90-days high. Well, the period past the event was quite disappointing and is continued till now. The traders interested in XLM coin are recommended to hold their investment for some time and to wait for substantial growth.

XLM/USD Price Chart:

Stellar (XLM) Price News

Stellar price was spotted at $0.0448 during the opening of 2020. From this price, the currency exhibited improvement and the next 4 days, i.e., January 06, the price breached to $0.0504 price level and continue its moderate movement till January 13, 2020. After that, the XLM reflected upside momentum, and on January 20, the price was at $0.0624.

With a slight plunge at $0.0561 on January 25, the currency was spotted rallying above the previous the 90-days high and set the fresh at $0.0872. From this high, the currency started a downside correction and fell to $0.0702 on February 19. The fall continued in the next 9 days; the XLM price reached $0.0556.

The opening of March brought slight recovery in the price of Stellar Lumens that spiked hope among the traders. On March 08, the currency was trading at $0.0613, but later, it marked a steep fall, and the price reached $0.0325. Later, the currency has recovered and spotted around $0.0400. The coin is locked around the same and is currently trading at $0.0401. As per the MACD indicator, the MACD line overlapped the signal line recently, and hence there is a possibility of price recovery. The histogram is above the zero-level line and creating a bullish divergence.

Stellar is currently trading near to the immediate resistance level at $0.0408. The same might get breached in the upcoming hours. If the upsurge continued, then the chances of breaching the next resistance level at $0.0414 could also be possible.